REMONDIS’ business locations around the world

Being one of the leading recycling, service and water companies, REMONDIS has approximately 1,000 business locations around the globe. These can be found in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

REMONDIS’ business locations

REMONDIS’ business locations in Germany

REMONDIS’ business operations in Germany are managed by six regional companies. Moreover, a whole variety of specialist REMONDIS companies are based here in Germany as well.

REMONDIS’ business locations in Germany

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Oops, what are all those bins doing out there?

Uh-oh, have you just looked out the window and noticed that everyone has put out their bins except for you again? You can at least prevent this particular problem from happening again. At least you can if you live in an area where REMONDIS is in charge of your bin collections.

Simply download our app to find out exactly which bins are being emptied when. You can also arrange for an automatic push notification to be sent to your mobile the day before your bins are due to be emptied. That’ll be the last time that you have to run out into the street in your dressing gown to put your bin out at the very last moment.

We’re always happy to handle your waste. And your enquiries of course

We always do our utmost to ensure that the moment you put out your bins is the moment that you no longer need to think about the subject of waste. And for the most part we succeed in doing this. However, as we empty hundreds of thousands of bins every week, there will always be times when something goes wrong. Despite using automated technology, bin collections are, for the most part, carried out by people. And wherever people work, there will always be mistakes. If something has gone wrong with your bin collection, you can and should get in touch with us.

Having said that, though, people often contact us about matters that are out of our control. This is a situation that is not only annoying for you, as a local resident, because you’d like to have your problem solved immediately. It is annoying for us as well as we really would like to be able to help you. The best thing is for you to take a look through our FAQs. We’ve even answered some questions that we’re not actually responsible for as we don’t want to leave you in the lurch.

Your local waste management department can answer any specific questions you may have about your bin collections. The easiest way to reach them is to enter your postcode into the following website

Typical queries dealt with by our customer service department

My/our bin collection dates are far from ideal. Can’t REMONDIS change them?

It’s not us that decides how often your waste is collected and how often your different bins are emptied but your local council, which sets this out when it puts the service out to tender. We simply provide the service and are, unfortunately, not able to change the collection intervals. It might help to get in touch with your local council and tell the person in charge of waste management about your problem.

My/our bin is always full or overflowing by the time it’s due to be emptied. Can’t REMONDIS give us a bigger bin?

The good news here: yes, you can of course order a bigger bin or a second bin. The bad news: it depends on which region you live in as to whether you should contact your local REMONDIS branch to do this or your local council. By the way: if you live in a residential building with a number of other flats and you use a communal bin for your waste then you, personally, cannot apply for a different sized bin. You need to contact your housing association to do this. Bigger bins or more bins also normally mean higher waste collection fees that must then be divided up equally between all the flats in the building.

The yellow sacks are too thin and are always tearing. Can’t you give me/us some better ones?

Even though we’re the company handing out the yellow sacks, we don’t actually have any say in how thick or thin the plastic should be. Local councils are responsible for deciding how strong the plastic should be and this is clearly stipulated when the service is put out to tender. This, of course, doesn’t help you if you’re constantly getting annoyed at the sacks tearing all the time. On the other hand: the thinner the sack, the less plastic is needed to make them. Which means thinner plastic is definitely better for the environment.

My/our bin wasn’t emptied the last time the collection truck came by. What went wrong?

If our employees notice that wrong material has been put in a bin (e.g. plastic in the paper recycling bin), they have been instructed not to empty it and to leave a note explaining why. We don’t do this to annoy you but because we – with your help – want to offer a waste collection service that is as effective as possible and conserves as many natural resources as possible. So please don’t be angry with us but fill your bins with the right materials to enable the best possible levels of recycling (see your wheelie bin ABC). Your bin will then be emptied again and everyone benefits: you, us and the environment.

My/our bin has gone missing. How is that even possible and how can I/we get it replaced?

While it may be a very rare occurrence, it is actually possible that a wheelie bin is “swallowed up” by a refuse collection lorry. For example, if the bin handle snaps or if the bin isn’t secured properly on the lifting arms. If this happens, then a bin really can be lost. Our employees aren’t allowed to fish it out of the lorry as it’s not safe for them to do this. Of course we’ll cover the costs if this happens to your bin and will replace it as soon as possible free of charge. Simply get in touch with your local REMONDIS branch or your local council. You can find out who to contact by entering your postcode on the website Unfortunately, in most cases, you do need to take things into your own hands and get things moving yourself. Very rarely can our employees determine who the bin belongs to when it accidently falls into the lorry. By the way: your bin might not actually be lost. Sometimes the bins are put back in the wrong place by mistake after they’ve been emptied. So, it’s always best to take a look at the properties next to yours first before reporting your bin missing.