REMONDIS’ business locations around the world

Being one of the leading recycling, service and water companies, REMONDIS has approximately 1,000 business locations around the globe. These can be found in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

REMONDIS’ business locations

REMONDIS’ business locations in Germany

REMONDIS’ business operations in Germany are managed by six regional companies. Moreover, a whole variety of specialist REMONDIS companies are based here in Germany as well.

REMONDIS’ business locations in Germany

Waste truly is a gripping subject

A whole website dedicated entirely to the subject of waste? Is REMONDIS being serious? Yes, we are! But that certainly doesn’t mean there can’t be any humour. Learning should be and is allowed to be fun. So here’s hoping you have a fun time getting to know all about the subject.

Your wheelie bin ABC: Not sure what goes in what bin? Then maybe it’s time to swot up on what’s right and what’s wrong!

Those tricky cases

So often discussed, so often explained, so often forgotten: those tricky cases that can cause so many problems.

Professional recycling know-how: Getting down to the nitty-gritty. So you can show off your knowledge at parties. Well, when you’re clearing up at least.

Bin collection info

Useful info about bin collections – including questions and answers about some specific subjects.

Waste myths

REMONDIS is all about enlightening others – just not when it comes to the birds and the bees.

Sorting tips

Some really useful help available at your fingertips. A list of all the different types of waste and what to do with them.